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List of Completed Projects/Technical-Consultancy Reports- Year Wise (1992-2018)



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1. Ecology and behavior of resident Raptors with special reference to endangered species : Survey in South India (PR1) Lalitha Vijayan, Sundaramoorthy T., Sivasubramanian C. & Daniel J.C. 1992 Abstract Full Text
2. Study on the Ecology, Status and Conservation Perspectives of Certain Rare Endemic Avifauna of the Andaman Islands : A Preliminary Survey   (PR5) Lalitha Vijayan, Ravi Sankaran, Sivakumar K. & Sakthivel R. 1993 Full Text
3. Management of Fragmented Rain Forests of the Western Ghats for the Conservation of Small Mammals (PR160) Ajith Kumar, Sivaganesan N., Umapathy G. & Prabhakar A . 1993 Abstract Full Text
4. Mapping of Potential Siberian Crane Habitat in Etawah and Manipuri districts (U.P) using Satellite Remote Sensing Technique (PR4) Vijayan V.S., Prasad S.N., Lalitha Vijayan, Singh D.F, Das H.S., & Ramachandran N.K. 1993 Full Text
5. Distribution, Ecology and Conservation of  Small Carnivores in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Southern India (PR121) Ajith Kumar, Sivaganesan N., Yoganand T.R.K. & Sakthivelu G. 1994 Abstract Full Text
6. DANIDA–DEE Environmental Master Plan Study  : Study on Biodiversity of Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka (PR7) Prasad S.N. & Sharstchandra H.C. 1994 Abstract Full Text
7. Status of Feral Elephants in the Andaman Islands, India (PR6) Sivaganesan N. & Ajith Kumar 1994  Abstract  Full Text
8. Status of Wildlife Corridors and their use by Mammals with special reference to selected Endangered Mammals in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, South India (PR69) Sivaganesan N., Ajith Kumar & Ramakrishnan B. 1994 Abstract Full Text
9. Environmental Impact Assessment of TACID Growth Centre, Perundurai, Periyar District, Tamilnadu : Rapid Floral and Faunal Survey (PR10) Azeez P.A., Balasubramanian P., Bhupathy S. & Sivakumar R. 1995  –  Full Text
10. Status and Distribution of the River Terrapin Batagur baska in the Sunderbans of India (PR9) Bhupathy S. 1995 Abstract Full Text
11. Fauna and Flora of the Environs of Periyakulam ERI, Vellode, Periyar District (PR11) Bhupathy S., Azeez P.A., Balasubramanian P. &  Sivakumar R. 1995 Full Text
12. Nicobar Megapode and other Endemic Avifauna of the Nicobar Islands : Status & Conservation (PR12) Ravi Sankaran 1995 Abstract Full Text
13. Impact assessment of nest collection on the Edible-nest Swiftlet Collacalia fuciphaga in the Nicobar group of Islands (PR13) Ravi Sankaran 1995 Abstract Full Text
14. Prioritisation of the endangered species in India (PR119) Ajith Kumar 1996 Abstract Full Text
15. Ecological Assessment of Damayanthi Bird Sanctuary, Steel Authority of India, Salem, Tamilnadu (PR15) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S. Sivakumar R. & Thivakaran G.A. 1996 Full Text
16. Impact Assessment of Hazira/Okha/Kandla/ Pyala LPG Pipeline on the Flora & Fauna (PR16) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S. & Thivakaran G.A. 1996 Full Text
17. Status of Seagrass Habitats of the Andaman and Nicobar Coast (PR14) Das H.S. 1996 Abstract Full Text
18. Rapid Assessment of Biodiversity using Remote Sensing/GIS Techniques in Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary (Mishmi Hills) Arunachal Pradesh (PR17) Prasad S.N. 1996 Abstract Full Text
19. Impact of Pykara Ultimate Stage Hydro Electric Project(PUSHEP), Tamilnadu on the Wildlife (PR170) Azeez P.A., Sivakumar R. & Sivaganesan N. 1996 Full Text
20. Impact Assessment of Mangalore-Bangalore Petroleum Product Pipeline (Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited) on the Flora and Fauna (PR20) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S. Sivakumar R., Stephen D. & Kannan P. 1997 Abstract Full Text
21. Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment of Moyar Ultimate Stage Hydro-electric Project (TNEB) (PR19) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S.,  Sivakumar R. & Sivaganesan N. 1997 Abstract Full Text
22. Rapid Impact Assessment of Madras Refinery Limited Expansion Project (Manali, Tamilnadu) on the Flora and Fauna (PR18) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S., Thivakaran G.A. & Stephen D. 1997 Abstract Full Text
23. Impact Assessment of the proposed Integrated Steel Plant (Southern Iron and Steel Company Ltd., Salem) on the Biological Environment (PR23) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S., Stephen D. & Kannan P. 1998 Abstract Full Text
24. Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment of Ultimate Alloys (P) Ltd., Coimbatore (PR22) Azeez P.A., Sivakumar R., Bhupathy S., Stephen D. Mohanraj R. & Kannan. P. 1998 Abstract Full Text
25. Role of Birds in Seed Dispersal and Natural Regeneration of Forest Plants in Tamilnadu (PR24) Balasubramanian P., Prasad S.N. & Kandavel 1998 Abstract Full Text
26. Status of Agamid Lizards in the Western Ghats of Tamilnadu, India (PR21) Bhupathy S. & Kannan P. 1998 Abstract Full Text
27. Conservation Planning for the Western Ghats of Kerala (PR26) Prasad S.N., Lalitha Vijayan, Ramachandran  V.S. & Balachandran S. 1998 Abstract Full Text
28. Impact assessment of nest collection on the Edible-nest Swiftlet Collacalia fuciphaga in the Andaman group of Islands (PR25) Ravi Sankaran 1998 Abstract Full Text
29. Study on the Environmental Impact of Aquaculture Industries along the Coast of Tamil Nadu (PR27) Thivakaran G.A. & Azeez P.A. 1998  – Full Text
30. Impact Assessment of Hazira-Dahej Petroleum product pipeline (Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited) on the Flora and Fauna (PR28) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S., Rajasekaran A. & Arun P.R. 1999 Full Text
31. Impact Assessment of Vijayawada-Secunderabad Petroleum product Pipeline (Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited) on the Flora and Fauna (PR30) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S., Rajasekaran  A. & Arun P.R. 1999 Abstract Full Text
32. Comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (Botanical and Zoological aspects) of the proposed Puyankutty Hydroelectric Project, Kerala (PR31) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S., Rajasekaran A., Arun P.R., Stephen D. & Kannan P. 1999 Abstract Full Text
33. Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment of Sanee’s Alloys (P) Ltd., Coimbatore (PR29) Azeez P.A., Sivakumar R., Bhupathy S., Mohanraj R. & Kannan P. 1999 Abstract Full Text
34. Impact of human interference on the Plant and Bird Communities in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve (PR32) Lalitha Vijayan, Prasad S.N., Balasubramanian P., Ramachandran N.K., Stephen D., Gokula V.  & Maya Mahajan 1999 Abstract Full Text
35. Ethnoecology and phytochemistry of Medicinal Plants in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve (PR2) Prasad S.N.,  Balasubramanian P., Rajasekaran A. & Sivakumar R. 1999 Abstract Full Text
36. Pesticide Contamination in the Nilgiris District with Special Reference to Select Avifauna 1994 – 1999 (PR33) Vijayan V.S., Muralidharan S., Balaji S. & Murugavel S.M. 1999 Full Text
37. Environmental Impact Assessment of Human Rabies Vaccine project, Human Biological Institute, National Dairy Development Board,  Ooty, The Nilgiris (PR39) Azeez P.A.,  Sivakumar R. , Bhupathy S., Mohanraj R., Stephen D. & Kannan P. 2000 Abstract Full Text
38. Impact Assessment of Dahej – Bijaipur Liquefied Natural Gas Pipeline (Gas Authority of India Ltd) on the Flora and Fauna (PR40) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S., Rajasekaran A. & Arun P.R. 2000 Full Text
39. Impact Assessment of Tatipaka – Kondapalle Gas Pipeline for LANCO Power plant on the Flora and Fauna (PR42) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S., Rajasekaran A. & Arun P.R. 2000 Abstract Full Text
40. Second Environmental opinion on the Kolli Hydro-Electric Project, Tamilnadu (PR41) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S., Rajasekaran A., & Arun P.R. 2000 Abstract Full Text
41. Bird Survey in the Silent Valley National Park, Kerala (PR36) Lalitha Vijayan, Bhupathy S., Balasubramanian P., Nirmala T. & Shantha Ravikumar 2000 Full Text
42. Study on the population and habitat of the Rufous-Breasted Laughing Thrush Garrulax cachinnans (PR37) Lalitha Vijayan, Gokula V.,  & Prasad S.N. 2000 Abstract Full Text
43. Study on the Ecology, Status and conservation perspectives of certain Rare Endemic Avifauna of the Andaman Islands (PR34) Lalitha Vijayan, Ravi Sankaran., Sivakumar K. & Murugan V. 2000 Abstract Full Text
44. Breeding Strategies of Birds in a Moist deciduous forest at Siruvani in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. (PR35) Lalitha Vijayan, Vijayan V.S., Arun P.R. & Venkatraman C. 2000 Abstract Full Text
45. Status of the Lesser Florican sypheotides India in 1999 (PR38) Ravi Sankaran 2000 Full Text
46. Brief documentation of Elephant Corridors in Southern India (PR162) Sivaganesan N. & Sukumar R. 2000  – Full Text
47. Impact of Rainforest Fragmentation on the Small Mammals and Herpetofauna in the Western Ghats, South India (PR120) Ajith kumar, Choudhry B. C. & Ravi Chellam 2001 Full Text
48. Impact Assessment of North-South Gujarat LNG Pipeline (Gas Authority of India Ltd.) on the Flora and Fauna (PR44) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S., Rajasekaran A. & Arun P.R. 2001 Abstract Full Text
49. Study on the Biological Environment and Assimilation Capacity: Utkal Alumina International Limited, Rayagada, Orissa (PR43) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S., Rajasekaran A., Arun P.R. & Mohanraj R. 2001 Abstract Full Text
50. Action plan for the conservation of the endemic birds of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (PR45) Lalitha Vijayan 2001 Full Text
51. Status and distribution of the Small Travancore Flying squirrel ( Petinomys fuscocapillus fuscocapillus) and Large Brown Flying Squirrel (Petaurista phillipines) in the Western Ghats (PR70) Nandini Rajamani, Borges  R.M. & Ajith Kumar 2001 Abstract Full Text
52. People’s Participatory Approach for the Conservation of Wildlife Corridors in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Southern India – Studies on Sujalkuttai-Bannari Corridor (PR46) Sivaganesan N., Limatoshi A.O. & Sivasubramanian G. 2001 Abstract Full Text
53. Wild Animal Diversity : Thematic Working Group-  National Biodiversity Strategy and Action plan (PR124) Ajith Kumar 2002 Abstract Full Text
54. Study of Flora and Fauna and Impact Assessment of the Mangalore-Coimbatore LPG Pipeline (PR50) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S., Rajasekaran A. & Arun P.R. 2002 Full Text
55. Impact of Assessment of HBJ Pipeline Upgradation Project,  Phase III (Gas Authority of Indian Limited) on the Flora and Fauna (PR51) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S., Rajasekaran A. & Arun P.R. 2002 Full Text
56. Studies on Hornbill Tree Interaction with Special Reference to Identification and Conservation of “Keystone Mutualists” in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve (PR48) Balasubramanian P. &  Maheswaran B. 2002 Abstract Full Text
57. Status Survey of Sea Turtles along the Tamilnadu Coast : GOI-UNDP Sea Turtle Project (PR49) Bhupathy S. & Saravanan S. 2002 Abstract Full Text
58. Ecology of Bird communities in the Anaikatty Hills, Coimbatore (PR47) Nirmala T. & Lalitha Vijayan 2002 Abstract Full Text
59. Bird Habitat Improvement in MGC Complex, M/s Indian Petrochemical Corporation Limited, Nagothane, Maharastra (PR133) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S. & Arun P.R. 2003 Full Text
60. Conservation Plan for Flora and Fauna of Kolli Bauxite Mines, Kolli Hills M/s Madras Aluminium Company Limited Mettur Dam, Tamilnadu (PR54) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S., Rajasekaran A. & Arun P.R. 2003 Abstract Full Text
61. Conservation Plan for Gaur and Endemic Flora of Shevaroy Bauxite Mines, Yercaud, M/s The Madras Aluminium Company Limited, Mettur Dam, Salem District, Tamilnadu (PR55) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S, Rajasekaran A. & Arun P.R. 2003 Abstract Full Text
62. Habitat utilization by Malabar Pied Hornbill in Athikadavu Valley, Western Ghats(PR52) Balasubramanian P., Saravanan P. & Maheswaran B. 2003 Abstract Full Text
63. People’s Biodiversity Register of 24, Veerapandi Panchayat (PR53) Pramod P., Moorthy  K. & Eswaran  R. 2003 Full Text
64. Decline in the yield of Sapota (Manilkara zapota) from the orchards of Dahanu Taluka : Cause and Concerns : An Ecological   Investigation (PR60) Arun P.R. & Azeez P.A. 2004 Full Text
65. Study of Bird Habitats at the Pathiramanal Island, Vembanadu Lake, Kerala in view of the proposed Eco-Tourism Project (PR61) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S., Balasubramanian P. & Arun P.R. 2004 Abstract Full Text
66. Ecodevelopment Plan for the Mangalavanam Mangrove area, Ernakulam, Kerala (PR62) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S., Rajasekaran A. & Arun P.R. 2004 Full Text
67. Survey of the Great Pied Hornbill Nests and Determination of Breeding Season in the Nilgiris (PR59) Balasubramanian P. & Maheshwaran B. 2004 Abstract Full Text
68. Status and Distribution of the Hornbills in the Western Ghats (PR58) Balasubramanian P., Vijayan V.S., Prasad S.N., Ravi R. & Krishnakumar N. 2004 Abstract Full Text
69. Impact of Habitat Alterations on the Reptile Diversity in the Higher Altitudes of Niligiri Biosphere Reserve, Western Ghats, India (PR161) Bhupathy S. & Nixon A.M.A. 2004 Abstract Full Text
70. Study on the Population and Habitat Suitability of the Nilgiri Laughing Thrush Carrulax cachinnans (PR57) Laitha Vijayan & Prasad S.N. 2004 Abstract Full Text
71. Ecological study in Mammals, Birds, Herpetofauna and Butterflies in Teesta Basin, Sikkim – Report of Phase-II (PR163) Lalitha Vijayan, Bhupathy S., Bhoj Kumar Acharya, Joya Thapa & Basundhara Chettri 2004  – Full Text
72. Status on Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Along the Chennai Coast, Southeastern India(PR56) Subramanian J., Vijay M. & Bhupathy S. 2004 Abstract Full Text
73. Study on the Migratory Birds of the proposed Barh Super Thermal Power Project (NTPC)  and its Environs (PR67) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S. & Arun P.R. 2005 Abstract Full Text
74. Environmental Assessment of the Asakkadupatti Weir, Kolli Hydro Electric Project, Kolli Hills, Tamilnadu (PR68) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S. & Balasubramanian P. 2005 Abstract Full Text
75. Status and Distribution of the Hornbills in the Eastern Ghats (PR66) Balasubramanian P., Vijayan V.S., Prasad S.N. & Venkitachalam R. 2005 Abstract Full Text
76. Avifaunal diversity of the Andaman Islands and their conservation (PR64) Lalitha Vijayan, Prasad S.N., Rajamamannan M.A. & Priti Kaushik 2005 Abstract Full Text
77. Status and ecology of the Nilgiri Wood Pigeon and Nilgiri Pipit in the Western Ghats (PR65) Lalitha Vijayan, Umamaheshwary J. & Somasundaram S. 2005 Abstract Full Text
78. Status, Distribution and Ecology of the Grey-headed Bulbul Pycnonotus priocephalus in the Western Ghats, India (PR63) Vijayan V.S.  & Balakrishnan P. 2005  Abstract  Full Text
79. Assessment of the Population and Habitat use of the Grey-breasted Laughing thrush (PR152) Somasundaram S. & Lalitha Vijayan 2006 Full Text
80. Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary/Mangrove area, Ernakulam, Kerala : A brief report (PR74) Azeez P.A. & Bhupathy S. 2006  – Full Text
81. Environmental Assessment of the Kundah Pumbed Storage Hydro Electric Project, the Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu (PR75) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S. & Balasubramanian P. 2006 Abstract Full Text
82. Rapid Status Survey of Manilkara hexandra ( Roxb. ) Dubard in Point Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary (PR72) Balasubramanian P. & Santhosh Kumar E. 2006 Abstract Full Text
83. Resource Inventory of Medicinal Plants in Point Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary (PR139) Balasubramanian P. & Senthil Kumar K.J. 2006 Abstract Full Text
84. Monitoring the Bird Community in Silent Valley National Park (PR134) Lalitha Vijayan & Anoop Das K.S. 2006 Abstract Full Text
85. Status of Wetlands and Wetlands Birds in Selected Districts of Tamilnadu (PR135) Lalitha Vijayan, Prasad S.N., Sridharan N. & Bubesh Guptha M. 2006 Full Text
86. Diversity, Distribution and Seasonality of Insect Communities in Anaikatty Hills (PR71) Pramod P. & Eswaran R. 2006 Abstract Full Text
87. Monitoring the Ecology of the Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest in Point Calimere (PR73) Vijayan V.S., Balasubramanian P. & Dalia Ghosh Dastidar 2006 Abstract Full Text
88. Evaluation of Butterfly Communities as Bioindicators in the Western Ghats, India (PR77) Anoop Das K.S. & Lalitha Vijayan 2007 Abstract Full Text
89. Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment of the India-Based Neutrino Observatory Project, Singara, Nilgiris,Tamail Nadu (PR81) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S., Balasubramanian P., Rachna Chandra & Nikhilraj P.P. 2007 Abstract Full Text
90. Pallikaranai Wetlands – A Proposal for Conservation (PR79) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S., Ranjini J.  & Dhanya R. 2007  – Full Text
91. Management Plan for the Eco-restoration of Pallikaranai Reserve Forest (PR78) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S., Ranjini J., Dhanya R. & Nikhilraj P.P. 2007  – Full Text
92. Status and Ecology of the Andaman Crake (PR76) Lalitha Vijayan &

Ezhilarasi N.

2007 Abstract Full Text
93. School Biodiversity Register (SBR) Programme in Tamilnadu (PR159) Pramod P. 2007 Abstract Full Text
94. Role of Detritus in Trace metal Dynamics of a Wetland system : A case study of Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur, India (PR98) Anjan Kumar Prusty B. & Azeez P.A. 2008 Full Text
95. Mumbai Trans Harbour Link  (MTHL) Project : Study of Flamingos and Migratory Birds (PR82) Lalitha Vijayan, Prasad S.N., Muralidharan S., Bhupathy S., Zaibin A.P., Dhananjayan V. &Jayanthi P. 2008 Abstract Full Text
96. Inventory of the Biodiversity of Attappady with GIS aid (PR84) Lalitha Vijayan, Prasad S.N., Rathakrishnan P. & Somasundaram S. 2008 Abstract Full Text
97. Conservation of the Edible-nest Swiftlet Collocalia fuciphaga in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands (PR157) Ravi Sankaran & Shirish Manchi 2008 Abstract Full Text
98. Conservation of Kottuli Wetlands, Calicut, Kerala (PR169) Azeez P.A., Nikhil Raj & Chandra R. 2008 Full Text
99. Monitoring the execution of Conservation Plan for Flora and Fauna of Kolli Bauxite Mines, Kolli Hills M/s Madras Aluminum Company Limited Mettur Dam, Tamilnadu (PR171) Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S., Rachna Chandra & Dhanya R. 2008 Full Text
100. Plant-bird interactions with special reference to identification of bird-dispersed plants in Attapady hills, Kerala (PR176) Balasubramanian P., Santhosh Jacob & Aruna R. 2008 Abstract Full Text
101.  Status of Blewitt’s Owl in Araku Valley and Environmental Management Plan in View of the Proposed Bauxite Mines (PR178)  Azeez P.A., Bhupathy S., Rachna Chandra & Selva Kumar T. 2008 Abstract Full Text
102. Ecology of Indian Grey Hornbill ( Ocyceros birostris ) with special reference to its Seed Dispersal in the Southern Eastern Ghats (PR86) Balasubramanian P. & Santhosh Kumar E. 2009 Abstract Full Text
103. Pollination and Seed Dispersal by Animals in the Dry Deciduous Forests of Southern Eastern Ghats (PR87) Balasubramanian P., Murugesan M., Selvarathinam & Manikandan P. 2009 Abstract Full Text
104. Study on the Herpetofaunal Communities of the Upper Vaigai Plateau, Western Ghats, India (PR85) Bhupathy S., Madhivannan A. & Srinivas G. 2009 Abstract Full Text
105. DBT’s Natural Awareness clubs : Andaman and Nicobar Islands (PR164) Pramod P. & Rajan P. 2009  – Full Text
106. Preliminary survey on Chiropterans in Dandeli and Anashi Tiger Reserve : A Survey Report (PR94) Ashwin H.P., Saptha Girish M.K., Sunil Panwar & Kumara H.N. 2010 Full Text
107. Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment of Proposed India Based Neutrino Observatory (INO), Bodi West Hills, Theni district, Tamilnadu (PR168) Azeez P.A., Nikhil Raj P.P. & Murgesan M. 2010 Abstract Full Text
108. Monitoring and Evaluation of Loktak Lake Management Project (Wetland Ecology Component) – The Water Institute, Karunya University (PR90) Balasubramanian P. 2010  – Full Text
109. Study on Pollinators and Seed Dispersers in Scrub, Dry Evergreen and Shola Forest Ecosystems of Tamilnadu (PR89) Balasubramanian P., Anbarasu C., Aruna R. & Silambarasan S. 2010  – Full Text
110. Ecology of the Endangered Indian Rock Python ( Python molurus ) in Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur, Rajasthan, India (PR88) Bhupathy S. & Ramesh C. 2010 Abstract Full Text
111. Distribution and Abundance of large mammals in Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary (PR95) Kumara H.N. & Rathnakumar S. 2010 Abstract Full Text
112. Preparation of Biodiversity Conservation Plan for Mysore Forest Division (PR96) Kumara H.N., Saptha Girish M.K., Sadananda K.B. & Shivaprakash A. 2010 Full Text
113. Vacation Training programme on Bioresources for School Children (May 19th  –June 6th  2010 Andaman & Nicobar Islands ) (PR158) Pramod P. & Rajan P. 2010 Full Text
114. Comprehensive Management Action Plan for Conservation of  Oussudu Sanctuary, Puducherry (PR101) Anjan Kumar Prusty B., Arun P.R., Bhupathy S., Murugesan M., & Rachna Chandra 2011 Full Text
115. Impact Assessment of LNG Terminal Augmentation project by M/s PLL on the Terrestrial Flora and Fauna at Puthuvypeen, Kerala (PR100) Arun P.R., Azeez P.A., Murugesan M. & Nikhil Raj P.P. 2011 Full Text
116. Impacts of Proposed Seismic Survey Operations on the Avifauna and Wildlife of Reserve Forest areas of KG Basin project of Oil India Ltd (PR128) Arun P.R., Murugesan M. & Nikhil Raj P.P. 2011 Full Text
117. Report on the Proposal for Downsizing the Kolleru Wildlife Sanctuary (+5 to +3 feet contour) (PR92) Azeez P.A., Ashok Kumar S., Choudhury B.C.


2011 Abstract Full Text
118. Assessment of occurrence and abundance of large mammals, birds and woody plants in Bannerghatta National Park, Karnataka (PR99) Kumara H.N., Saptha Girish & Murugesan M. 2011 Full Text
119. Birds of Coimbatore Wetlands : Report of the Survey Conducted on 12th January 2011 (PR93) Pramod P. 2011 Full Text
120. Mapping Coastal Wetlands of Kerala using High-Resolution Satellite data (PR122) Prasad S.N. & Murthy K.S.R. 2011 Full Text
121. Ecology and Conservation of the Spot-billed Pelican Pelecanus philippensis in Andhra Pradesh, India  (PR108) Sheeba N., Lalitha Vijayan & Prasad S.N. 2011  – Full Text
122. Phylogeography of the fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinus) in India :Identifying populations for conservation (PR127) Shomita Mukherjee & Uma Ramakrishnan 2011  – Full Text
123. Assessing levels of Ecological Sensitivity of Western Ghats (PR179) Prasad S.N,, Santosh Gaikwad & Appalachari C.H. 2011 Abstract Full Text
124. Report on Baseline Status of the Biological Environment around the proposed Nuclear Power Park at Mithivirdi, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, of M/s Nuclear Power Corporation Ltd.  (PR129) Arun P.R., Murugesan M., Nikhil Raj P.P. & Azeez P.A. 2012 Full Text
125. Avian Frugivory and Seed Dispersal of Endemic Tree species in Thai Shola Forests of Nilgiri Hills, Western Ghats (PR140) Balasubramanian P. & Anbarasu C. 2012 Abstract Full Text
126. Monitoring Post-Tsunami Coastal Ecosystem Recovery in the Nicobar Islands to Developing Site-Specific Restoration Measures (PR104) Balasubramanian P., Lalitha Vijayan, Ravi Sankaran, Pramod P., Dinesh Kannan S., Zaibin A.P. & Nehru P. 2012 Abstract Full Text
127. Biodiversity Assessment for Environmental Monitoring of Medium/Minor Irrigation Schemes in Andhra Pradesh (PR103) Balasubramanian P., Prasad S.N., Chiranjibi Pattanaik,  Charan Y.V.B., Yadagiri  G., Narendar .B & Anbarasu C. 2012 Abstract Full Text
128. Estimation of Abundance of Feral Elephants in interview Island Sanctuary, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India (PR107) Kumara H.N., Manchi Shirish S., Ashwin H.P., Harshada Pethe & Akshaya Mane 2012 Full Text
129. Conservation of the Edible-nest Swiftlet Collocalia fuciphaga in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands  (PR106) Manchi Shirish S. & Akshaya Mane 2012 Abstract Full Text
130. Wetlands of Srikakulam District : An Ecological status survey  (PR105) Mathew K. Sebastian, Arun P.R.,  Arthi T., Murugesan M. &  Azeez P.A. 2012 Abstract Full Text
131. Primates of Kudremukh Wildlife Division : Special emphasis on current status of Lion-Tailed Macaque ( Macaca silenus ) (PR113) Netalkar P.S. & Kumara H.N. 2012 Full Text
132. Strengthening community conservation efforts in Nagaland. A Programme to impart technical support on biodiversity conservation and livelihood options (PR102) Bhupathy S., Nakro V. & Azeez P.A. 2012 Abstract Full Text
133. Review of state of Environment in Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur, Rajasthan and its catchment area : A Historical analysis (PR112) Anjan Kumar Prusty B., Mohd. Zeeshan & Natasha Srivastava 2013 Abstract Full Text
134. Impact of Construction of High Rise Towers on Migration of Fauna including Avifauna- Bengal N R I Township project (Urbana), Anandapur (PR109) Arun P.R., Rajah Jayapal & Murugesan M. 2013 Full Text
135. Development of conservation strategy for a newly discovered Lion-tailed macaque Macaca silenus population in Sirsi-Honnavara, Western Ghats : II Understanding of the impact of NTFP collection on the lion-tailed macaques (PR116) Kumara H.N. & Santhosh K. 2013 Full Text
136. Assessment of status of small carnivore species and feeding ecology of large carnivores in Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary (PR115) Kumara H.N., Thorat O., Santhosh K., Sasi R. & Ashwin H.P. 2013 Abstract Full Text
137. Status of primates in the wet forests of Parambikulam landscape, Kerala, India with special reference to the Lion-Tailed Macaque Macaca silenus (PR117) Mewa Sing, Sasi R., Kumara H.N. & Kaumanns W. 2013 Full Text
138. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Wandoor, Andaman & Nicobar Islands (PR165) Pramod P., Arun P.R. & Rajan  P. 2013  – Full Text
139. Mount Harriet National Park, Andaman and Nicobar Islands (PR166) Pramod P., Rajan P. & Devkumar Bhadra 2013  – Full Text
140. DNA clubs for Andaman Islands 2009-2013 : DBT’s Natural Resource Awareness Club (PR118) Pramod P., Rajan P. & Suhirtha Muhil 2013  – Full Text
141. Small cats in human-dominated landscapes in Madhya Pradesh (PR111) Shomita Mukherjee 2013  – Full Text
142. Survey for the fishing cat ( Prionailurus viverrinus ) in Coastal Kerala, India (PR110) Shomita Mukherjee, Karunakaran P.V. &  Ramana A. 2013 Full Text
143. Assessing the status and distribution of large mammals in highway and its environs, Southern Western Ghats (PR114) Srinivas  G., Babu S., Kumara H.N. & Sanjay Molur 2013 Full Text
144. Contamination status of rivers in Kerala: Fish as an indicator (PR180) Muralidharan, M.; Ganesan, K.; Nambirajan, K.; Navamani, P. & Maharajan, K. 2013 Abstract Full Text
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