Dr Santanu Gupta M.Sc, Ph.D (B.U)
INSPIRE Fellow; INSPIRE Faculty (DST, MoST, GoI)

Dr Gupta did his B.Sc in Zoology (H) from T.D.B College, Ranigunj, West Bengal on 2008 and M.Sc in Conservation Biology (Gold Medalist, jointly) from Durgapur Government College, Durgapur, West Bengal under the affiliation of The University of Burdwan on 2010. He was awarded with the prestigious INSPIRE Fellowship (01.02.2011 to 31.01.2016) of DST-INSIRE; MoST, Government of India in the year 2010-2011. He obtained his Doctorate on 09.05.2016 from The University of Burdwan for his thesis entitled “Assessment of Ecological and Socio-economic Valuation of Wetlands in Birbhum District, West Bengal, India for Conservation and Sustainable use” under the supervision of Dr Debnath Palit, Assistant Professor of Botany and former Head of The Department, Post Graduate Department of Conservation Biology, Durgapur Government College.

Dr Gupta recently joined Wetland Ecology Division, Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History, Anaikatty, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu on September 29th 2016 as an INSPIRE Faculty (DST, MoST, GoI) awardee. His research interests broadly include Wetland ecology, biodiversity and conservation, Conservation Biology, Wildlife ecology (with special emphasis on Tigers), Ornithology, Forestry, Biostatistics, Environmental economics, Ecological modeling, GIS & Remote Sensing. He carried out field based research work covering the theme biodiversity conservation in protected areas/ biologically diverse regions of India and contributed few scientific publications during his brief research period. Research collaborations with distinguished faculties / eminent scientists will be his key intervention towards promoting as well as strengthening biodiversity conservation both nation / worldwide.

International: 6; National: 16; Proceedings: 1; Books: 4; Book chapters: 1

Name: Santanu Gupta
Father’s name: Late Sushanta Gupta
Mother’s name: Smt Tanulata Gupta
Date of birth: 30.04.1987 ; Gender: Male; Nationality: Indian, Religion: Hindu, Caste – General, Mother tongue – Bengali

Present post held:
INSPIRE Faculty, Wetland Ecology Division
Salim Ali Centre For Ornithology and Natural History
(A Centre of Excellence under the MoEF&CC, GoI)
Anaikatty (Post), Coimbatore – 641108, Tamilnadu, India

Address for correspondence:
Dr Santanu Gupta
INSPIRE Faculty (DST, MoST, GoI)
Room No 2; Wetland Ecology Division
Salim Ali Centre For Ornithology and Natural History
Anaikatty (Post), Coimbatore – 641108, Tamilnadu, India,
(O) 04222203143 (M) +917547947090; Telefax – 04222657088,

Permanent Address
Santanu Gupta
C/o- Smt Tanulata Gupta
DP 12, 3rd Street (2A), Dakshinpally, Shyampur, Post- Durgapur, PS- Cokeoven
District- Burdwan, West Bengal, India, PIN- 713201
(M) +919800786578, +917585894635

INSPIRE Faculty, Wetland Ecology Division (SACON) [September 2016 onwards]


Principal Investigator on the project “Ecological exploration and socio-economic valuation of pit lakes in Eastern coal fields, India: implications for conservation and sustainable use” funded by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India under INSPIRE Faculty Award scheme (2016 to till date).

Some of the seminars/ conferences/ workshops/ training program attended

1) Eleventh Leadership Course on Environmental Awareness and Wild Life Conservation” organized by Training and Extension Division, Zoological Survey of India, Kolkata.(24th- 27th March, 2009)
2) Successfully completed the one year certificate course in Wild Life Census Technique, under the UGC Career Oriented Programme scheme from Durgapur Government College with Grade A in final examination for the year 2009-2010.
3) National Seminar on “Current Research in Herpetology” & Workshop on Prioritization of Amphibian and Reptilian species for Conservation Breeding”, North Odisha University, Baripada, Odisha. (29th -31st March 2009)
4) International Conference on the theme “Mother Earth: Save it for future generation” organized by Department of Environmental Science, The University of Burdwan. (13th – 15th February, 2010)
5) UGC sponsored National Level Symposium on Pollution: Disbalancing the Global Environment: Threats and Prevention, organized by Faculty of Science, Bolpur College in collaboration with NIT, Durgapur & Department of Biotechnology & Environmental Science, Burdwan University.(5th -6th March 2011) [Presented].
6) DST-GoWB Sponsored Training Programme on Hands on training on “Quality Standardization in Air and Water including Detection of Radioactivity in Aquatic Medium & Plant Body” organized by Department Of Environmental Science, The University of Burdwan.(24th February- 3rd March, 2012)
7) UGC sponsored short term course –“Interaction Program for Research Scholars” organized by Academic Staff College, The University of Burdwan, Burdwan(17th -22nd March,2012)
8) UGC sponsored National Conference on “Conservation of Wetlands and its Biodiversity in India with special reference to Odisha”, organized by Department of Zoology, Kendrapara Autonomous College, Kendrapara, Odisha.(18th-19th February 2012) [Presented].
9) National Conference on “Environment and Biodiversity of India”, PE Society’s Modern College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra (5th October 2013) [Presented].
10) National Seminar on “Climate Change & Impact on Biodiversity”, School of Biodiversity and Conservation of Natural Resources, Central University of Orissa, Koraput, Odisha (23rd -24th November 2013) [Presented].
11) National conference on “Biodiversity: Issues, concern and future strategies”, National conference on Biodiversity: Issues, Concern, and Future Strategies, West Bengal Biodiversity Board, Department of Environment, Government of West Bengal, Kolkata, West Bengal. (16th -18th January 2014) [Presented].


1. Mukherjee, A., & Gupta, S. (2012). Assessment of avifaunal diversity of Santragachi Wetland, West Bengal, India. Ecology, Environment and Conservation, 18(2), 357-362.
2. Gupta, S., Palit, D., Mukherjee, A., & Kar, D. (2013).Inventory of pit lakes in Raniganj coal field, West Bengal India. Journal of Applied Technology in Environmental Sanitation, 3(1), 55-60.
3. Gupta, S., Mukherjee, A., Palit, D., Chatterjee, P., & Biswas, I. (2013). A reporting on wire tailed Swallows’ (Hirundo smithii) winter visit in Durgapur Barrage, West Bengal, India. Zoosprint, 28(8), 22-24.
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_e4-., & Event=predLimnorienicatiVdisrvatg ProMA. (phySemiod Natourse , A.,lity “Conserversin of Wetlands in Birbhum District,. Level Symraction Ponm2(4tal737-74ation, 3(6), 117-122. _e4-., & mp; Kar, DologyvajiomorWorkshop onwomic Valuation of Wdtlands in Birbhum District, coal fields, India: implicatio West Bengal, India. Ecology, Environment 9(4tal995 id=itation, 7(8), 22-24.
4. Palit, D., Gupta, S., Banerjee, A., & MuoMA. (2013).Aquaticrts,uin rdwmpact-assessmenHirurelelds, 1) Eintor : Tn. Loringestsys clad Programme sin Birbhum District,. status prediction. n Colles Applied Technology in Environ8(4tal231-236tation, 8), 117-122. _e4-., &a4p; Bistudy(2013omic Valuation of Wdtlands in Birbhum District,. status prediction. n Colles Applied Technology in Environ9nd Co79-8sprint, 29), 117-122a, S., Banerjee, A., , &a5p; > INSPIRiondsithii) winter visit in Durgapur Barrage, Wstatus predlied Technologs Of Envi/> 2uiruns by Departmpurined rese S., Btnt of Scien4ental207dwa0r 2013) [P), 117-122., S., Banerjee, A., , &a5p; onal Semsfunctiotions/be hisl Sdpartmvirombla8217;swzatiobondsithii) winter visit in Durgapur Barrage,odivera nobtaine: implicatio Wstatus predCienicat,ation, ssessmentd-gencment Of Entio5nd Co207dia 82r 2013) [PBLICATIONS

1. Mukherjee, A., &5p;Raji jusora theuatngamac onckoo (Ca/> aties , Sulinusd Medala Meeshswzatio3omic VrversankConWdtlands in Birbhum District,. est Bengal,30 ent:19-21r 2013) [2(1), 55-60.
3. Gupta, in Aqu /> _e4-., &a5p;Rwas, I. (2f (y id?) Burtntoripdisr (ripdisr?) F Programme sc visit in Durgapur Barrage, West Bengal,30 e7):6-9r 2013) [ /> 2. Gupta, S., Palit, kherjee, Roy Biudhu3th 0.Aviherjee, A., &6p; nd Wr /> ted 2f Pit).In Usaience,ry of pitClakng. HeRlogicin Durgapur B:lima fields, Indiar ConservatiUse.arch 2009)
2. Gupta, S., Palit/">Aviherjee, A., &6p; tiorvation osment of Ecological dponsopchnologpic s (yDPsd i013omic Va: isys cla of afunctistudy.arc G.Kgy issaEds.) Male; “Conse: CraliosmentO.2s ea(pp.171 id=p; New ndlhistrict, cAsural rch 2009)
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