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Nature Education

Nature Education

Division of Nature Education at SACON involves in activities to inculcate love for Nature and conservation awareness among people, especially the younger generation. The programmes are being conducted for spreading the message of conservation of nature with focus on birds. We encourage all nature lovers and all those who are interested in observation and learning from nature. This is an attempt ‘to learn how to learn from Nature’ with a mission to EXPLORE the world around us, SHARE whatever we see and learn, and nurture the feeling of CARE.

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Dr. P Pramod

Principal Scientist,

Nature Education Division

Research Scholars

Ms. Chaithra Shree J

Nature Education Assistant and PhD Scholar

Interests:  My research interests lie in biodiversity and conservation including traditional food crop varieties. It also extends to application of scientific and cultural knowledge to sustainable living. I am also passionate about nature education and interacting with people of all age groups to inculcate love for nature and conservation of natural resources.

PhD work: I am working on biodiversity of paddy fields with select indicator taxa, studying the bird, butterfly and odonata communities in the paddy fields.

Ms. Divyapriya C, PhD Scholar

Interests: I am curious to study the intricate schema of the nature. Since I am from an inter-disciplinary background, I would also like to comprehend the process of nature with an integral perception.

PhD work : I am currently pursuing my PhD on ‘Vocal communication of passerine birds in Anaikatty hills, Tamil Nadu with special emphasis on Common Iora (Aeghythina tiphia)’. I am more inclined in understanding the trends and patterns of acoustic communication of birds in general.

Wng. Cdr. Srinidhi S PhD Scholar

He is a Serving Officer and Wing Commander in Indian Air Force.  He served in Ornithology Cell of Indian Air Force for four years before he joined as the PhD Scholar (on educational leave with the support of Indian Airforce).

PhD work:        Assessment Of Managmement Strategies Of The Bird Hazards To Aircraft In Select Indian Air Force Airfields.

Ms. Suhirtha Muhil M , PhD Scholar

Interests: I am interested in the conservation of river and lake ecosystems. I have longstanding interest in geography and how spatial patterns influence biodiversity. Through Dr.Pramod’s lab, I have been able to share my experiences to numerous college and school children as part of Nature education activities at SACON.

PhD work: I am currently finishing my doctoral thesis on the ‘Diversity and ecology of Odonates of Coimbatore district.’

Mr. Joseph Reginald, PhD Scholar

Interests: He is interested in field level action for conservation of biodiversity and natural resources. Another long term interest is on animal welfare activities in Coimbatore and surrounding region.

PhD: Diversity and habitat preference of bats (Order Chiroptera) of Coimbatore

  • National Nature Camping Programme (2014, 2015, 2016 Completed)

National Nature Camping programme is an initiative of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change in environment education which is aimed at creating greater awareness, understanding and empathy of children for environment.  Through this initiative it is hoped that a child who goes through middle school (Classes 6th to 8th ) will get at least one opportunity for a 2-3 day camping experience. These camps are aimed to motivate them towards conservation-oriented lifestyles and to encourage qualities of leadership, exploration and nature observation. The ‘Nature experience’ given to children and teachers has huge potential to trigger the sensitivity towards nature appreciation and conservation, leading to positive environmental actions at different levels.

  • Exploring Nature through birds ( Completed )

Exploring Nature through birds (ENTB) is a science education programme of Sálim Ali Centre for Ornithology & Natural History (SACON), Coimbatore executed in collaboration with many partners across India. This programme is catalysed and supported by the National Council for Science and Technology and Communication (NCSTC) of Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India.

  • Simple Tasks, Great Concepts ( Completed )

The Programme “Simple Tasks, Great Concepts” is a programme of Department of Science & Technology, Government of India conducted by SACON along with Ecoscience Research Foundation, Chennai. This programme is aimed to improve the teaching of life science through simple to do experiments at school. A set of 100 simple to do life science experiments which can be carried out using simple things that we find around us are taught to them.  Nature Education Division at SACON coordinated and conducted this 5 day workshop for teachers from all over Tamil Nadu and a few districts of Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. Around 85 teachers participated in this 5 day workshop in 3 clusters.

  • DNA Clubs (Completed)

SACON had launched DNA Clubs (DBT’s Natural Resource Awareness Clubs) on behalf of the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India in select schools of Andaman & Nicobar Islands. These clubs operate as nuclei for activities and hands-on learning opportunities focused on bio-resources, relating these to the school curriculum where ever appropriate.



SACON conducted a Training programme on “Ornithology and Wildlife Conservation” for wildlife enthusiasts between 15th and 17th June 2017. On 15th morning, Dr. K. Sankar, Director, SACON inaugurated the programme. Ten participants from Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andaman Nicobar Islands participated in the training programme. Programme included classroom sessions and field training. The two days of class room sessions included 11 lectures on different topics such as Introduction to Indian wildlife and Ornithology, Bird migration, Plant-bird interactions, Wildlife study techniques, Contaminants in Nature, Trends in conservation Practices, Bioacoustics, Conservation Photography and Human-Elephant Conflict that were delivered by SACON faculty and invited experts from other institutions. On each day, bird watching programme session was conducted on campus along the nature trail. Wildlife films were screened in the evening hours.  On 16th June evening after the class room sessions, Mr. I. Anwardeen, IFS, Chief Conservator of Forests and Field Director, Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve, Tamil Nadu, distributed the certificates to the participants. On 17th June, field training was conducted in Silent Valley National Park, Kerala, wherein the course participants were exposed to various signs and tracks of wild animals/birds, behavioural observations of primates and forest management practices.


The Nature Education Division of SACON has been conducting residential Nature Awareness Camps for school children since August 2017.  Either 2 or 3 days of nature awareness camps were the options given to schools in and around Coimbatore city. Students from Standard 5th to 9th participated in these camps. Nine two-day nature camps and three three-day nature camps were conducted on campus during August 2017 – January 2018.  In total 395 children and 34 teachers participated in these camps.

These camps introduced the basic ecological concepts; enhanced observation and interpretation skills of children through activities, games and interactive sessions. These camps were also aimed to motivate them towards conservation-oriented lifestyles and to encourage qualities of leadership, exploration and nature observation. The ‘Nature experience’ given to children and teachers has huge potential to trigger the sensitivity towards nature appreciation and conservation, leading to positive environmental actions at different levels.


As part of the MoEFCC’sSwacch Bharat Abhiyan Programme, SACON conducted a Cleanliness awareness programme in the Coimbatore Forest Division of Palamalai and Siruvani areas for two days i.e. 11th and the 12th January 2018. Local and tribal people of the area, college students and volunteers participated in the programmes. Dr. T. Chandini, Advisor, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, New Delhi addressed the gathering and the participants took the green pledge on both events.


In collaboration with M/s NSBC Bank and Yuhina Canopy, Mumbai, Salim Ali Naturalist Forum organized a Bird Race Programme in Coimbatore on 28th January 2018. This was a dawn-to-dusk event in an effort to record as many species of birds as possible on a single day in and around Coimbatore.


Around 2500 students from more than 50 schools had participated in the Sálim Ali Trophy Nature competitions 2017-18 conducted by SACON on 21st January 2018 at GD Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Coimbatore.  The prize distribution for the competitions was held on 5th March 2018 at Central Academy of State Forest Service (CASFOS),Coimbatore.  The 120 prize winners under various competition categories (drawing, painting, elocution, essay writing, quiz etc.,) from 21 schools were honoured during the award ceremony.  Dr. T. Ashok Kumar, Principal, CASFOS presided, Dr. Karthikeyan Vasudhevan, Senior Principal Scientist, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad and Dr. K. Sankar, Director, SACON distributed the prizes to  award winners. The overall championship was won by Bharathi Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Coimbatore. The KonguVellalar Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Karumathampatti and GD Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Coimbatore won the next two positions respectively.