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“Salim Ali Information Resource Center” (SIRC) is a modern library of SACON situated in a separate block amidst a serene ambience which houses a rare collection of books in the fields of ornithology, wildlife, ecology, zoology, botany, environmental conservation and natural history. SIRC plays an important role in the collection and dissemination of knowledge resources on ornithology and natural history to pursue research work by the Scientists and Research Scholars of the Center.

Apart from developing information resources appropriate for research use and conservation of biodiversity in India, the major initiative of the SIRC is to function as a National Information Centre on Biodiversity. This would be achieved through the integration of the existing information systems and services in India into an organized and effective network.


SIRC has a collection of 3564 books, 2931 bound journals and 2706 maps. It subscribes to 61 numbers of current scientific periodicals out of which 38 are Indian and 23 are foreign publications.

Book Material Collection

  • Reference Collection
  • Theses Collections
  • Rare Books & Journals

Non Book Material Collection

  • Map
  • Microfiche (JBNHS)
  • Collection of CD-ROMs


  • Current Periodicals
  • Back volumes

Automation of SIRC

All the documentary and non documentary resources of the SIRC are computerized with bar code facility. Web Online Public Access Catalogue (WEB-OPAC) and Digital Library are initiated with the help of Smart Library Software for reference and circulation control. Local Area Network (LAN) – Intranet connectivity of SACON has been linked with the SIRC server to facilitate the online reference. Users also have the access to the CD-ROM databases with in the SIRC network.

Library Service

SIRC serves as a major information center providing services to institutions and individuals throughout the country. Scientists, Research Scholars, staff members, environmentalists, as well as amateur naturalists use the library. The library also provides a photocopying service.

Library Staff

  1. Mr. M. Manoharan,B.A.,M.L.I.Sc., M.Phil., PGDCA., – Librarian (In-charge)
  2. Ms. B. Subha    Account Assistant / Library

Library Working Hours (Monday to Friday)

9:15 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.

Contact Us:

Mr. M. Manoharan,

Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History (SACON),

Anaikatty, Coimbatore- 641 108, Tamil Nadu, India

Tele : 0422 – 2203121, 2203100.

Fax No. 91-0422-2657088


Reference Collection

Flora & Fauna volumes

The volumes of ‘Fauna of British India’ and the ‘Flora of India’ are indispensable sources of information on the biodiversity of the Indian subcontinent. The flora volumes cover India and Ceylon.

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries & Handbooks

In the reference collection, besides ‘Encyclopedia Britannica’ and ‘Mc Graw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology’, there are encyclopedias on various subjects of natural history; such as ‘International Encyclopedia of Ornithology’ Encyclopedia of Natural History’, ‘Encyclopedia of Mammals’, ‘Encyclopedia of Biodiversity’, ‘Encyclopedia of Entomology’, ‘Encyclopedia of Evolution’ ,’Animal life Encyclopedia’, ‘Encyclopedia of World Environmental History’, ‘Encyclopedia of Global Change’, and ‘Britannica : Ready Reference Encyclopedia(India)’.

In addition to language dictionaries, there are dictionaries of birds, scientific bird names, environment, ecology, botany, botanical terms, Flowering plants, butterflies, moths and biology.

The Wealth of India

A dictionary of Industrial products and Raw materials would be helpful to briefly review the history of the Wealth of India and its antecedents. The series deal with the raw material resources of plant, animal and mineral origin found in India.

Handbooks & Checklists

Apart from the 10 Volumes of ‘Handbook of the Birds of India & Pakistan’ and 14 Volumes of ‘Handbook of the Birds of the World’ there are individual handbooks on different groups of birds, mammals, reptiles, fishes, insects and flora of different countries.

There are various checklists of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes of different regions in India and beyond in the case of Birds. Checklists provide quick references on the fauna and flora of a particular region.

Theses Collections

SACON is affiliated to the Bharathiar University, Coimbatore for M.Phil., and Ph.D. programmes. Till now SACON has produced 33 Ph.Ds in the areas of Zoology, Botany and Environmental Sciences.

Rare Books & Journals

SACON has an excellent and valuable collection of rare books and research literatures a few of which are mentioned below: Among the journal collection, the ‘Stray Feathers : A Journal of Ornithology for India and Its Dependencies dates back to 1876-1880 and 1887 and the ‘Zoological Records’ are present from 1981 onwards.

  • Handbook of the Birds of the World Vol.1-14 (1992-2009)
  • Indian birds by FUTEHALLY, L, 1959
  • Current Ornithology Edited by Johnston, RF (Vol.1-16, 1983-2001)
  • Avian Biology Edited by Farner, DS and King, JR, (Vol.1-9, 1971-1993)
  • Butterflies of the Indian Region by WYNTER-BLYTH, M A, 1957
  • Useful plants of India and Pakistan by DASTUR, J F, 1964
  • Glossary of Indian medicinal plants by CHOPRA, R N, 1956

Non Book Material Collection

Microfiche of the back volumes of the Journal of Bombay Natural History Society. Vol. 1 to 64, Conservation Biology Vol.1 to 4 and 25 dissertations in relevant subject were added to the library. A Micro-film reader printer (Canon-NP 90) was procured as a part of setting up of library section in the non-book material form.


SACON library has a collection of 2706 maps and charts.

Type of Maps

  1. All India Inland Wetland Maps
  2. District wise maps
  3. Vegetation Maps
  4. Satellite Maps

Collection of CD-ROMs

  • list enclosed

Current Periodicals

We subscribe to the following current periodicals. We receive a few periodicals as gift from various institutions.


  • AUK
  • Acta Ornithologia
  • Bird conservation International
  • Bird Study
  • Bird Scope
  • Condor
  • Forktail
  • IBIS
  • Journal of field Ornithology
  • Journal of Raptor Research
  • Living Bird
  • Oikos
  • Oriental Bird club: Bulletin
  • Water Birds
  • Wild Bird
  • Wilson journal of Ornithology

Ecology, Environment and Conservation


  • American Naturalist
  • Biodiversity and Conservation
  • Biological Conservation
  • Biotropica
  • Conservation biology
  • Current Contents : Agriculture, Biology Environmental Sc. Abstract Ed.: Floppy
  • Bulletin of environmental Contamination and Toxicology
  • Copeia
  • Ecotoxicology Environmental Safety
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Journal of Animal ecology
  • Journal of Applied Ecology
  • Journal of Ecology
  • Journal of Tropical Ecology
  • National Geographic
  • Nature Australia
  • Wetlands


  • Amruth
  • Better Photography
  • Cobra News letter
  • Current Science
  • Digit
  • Down to Earth
  • Ethnobotany
  • Geobios
  • Green File: India
  • Green File: South Asia
  • Hamadryad
  • India Today –English
  • Indian Forester
  • Indian Journal of Animal Science
  • Indian Journal of Ecology
  • Indian Journal of Experimental biology
  • Indian Journal of Forestry
  • Indian journal of marine sciences
  • International journal of ecology and environ. Science
  • Journal of Bio Sciences
  • Journal of economic and taxonomic botany
  • Journal of economic and taxonomic botany ADDL Series
  • Journal of Environmental Biology
  • Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering
  • Journal of Genetics
  • Journal of Hill Research
  • Journal of Indian Society of Remote sensing
  • Nature, Environmental pollution technology
  • News Letter for Bird Watchers
  • PC-Quest
  • Phytotaxonomy
  • Pollution Research
  • Proceedings of Indian National science academy = Part –B
  • Resonance
  • Rheedea
  • Sanctuary magazine
  • Science Culture
  • Science Reporter
  • Tropical Ecology
  • University News
  • Zoos’ print

Back Volumes

a) Online E-Back issues

Online Subscription to JSTOR Archives to access the Biological Sciences journals (130 Journals). This facility can be accessed by 100 individual user’s accounts including Scientists and Research Scholars

b) List of Back Volumes

  • Acta Ornithologica
  • African Journal of Ecology
  • American Naturalist
  • Amruth (I)
  • Ancient Science of Life (I)
  • ANH
  • Animal Behaviour
  • Aquatic Botany
  • Aquatic Conservation
  • AUK
  • Behaviour
  • Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology
  • Biodiversity and Conservation
  • Biodiversity Letters
  • Biological Conservation
  • Biometrics
  • Biotropica
  • Bird Study
  • Bird Conservation international
  • Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
  • Byte
  • Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute Bulletin
  • Cobra (I)
  • Computers Today (I)
  • Condor
  • Conservation Biology
  • Copeia
  • Current Contents : Agriculture, Biology Environmental Sc. Abstract Ed.: Floppy
  • Current Science (I)
  • Data Quest (I)
  • Development Dial
  • Down to Earth (I)
  • Ecological Modeling
  • Ecological Monographs
  • Ecologist
  • Ecology
  • Economic and Political Weekly
  • Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety
  • EMU
  • Endeavour
  • Environment (I)
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Environmental Management
  • Ethnobotany (I)
  • Ethnology
  • Evolution
  • Fisheries Review
  • Forest Ecology & Management
  • Forestry Abstract
  • Forktail
  • Freshwater and Aquaculture Contents Tables
  • Gajah (I)
  • Geobios (I)
  • Geobios New Reports (I)
  • GIS World
  • Global Change Newsletter
  • Global Ecology and Biogeography Letters
  • Global Environmental Change
  • Green File (I)
  • Hamadryad (I)
  • Herpinstance News Letter (I)
  • Herpetologica
  • Herpetological Monographs
  • Himal (I)
  • Hornbill (I)
  • IBIS
  • Indian Forester
  • Indian Journal of Animal Sciences
  • Indian Journal of Ecology
  • Indian Journal of Environmental Health (Renamed as : Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering w.e.f.Vol.46,2004)
  • Indian Journal of Experimental Biology
  • Indian Journal of Forestry
  • Indian Journal of Marine Science
  • Indian Review of Life Sciences
  • Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics
  • International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Science
  • Journal of Andaman Science Association
  • Journal of Animal Ecology
  • Journal of Applied Ecology
  • Journal of Biogeography
  • Journal of Biosciences(I)
  • Journal of Bombay Natural History Society(I)
  • Journal of Ecology
  • Journal of Economic and Taxonomic Botany (I)
  • Journal of Environmental Biology (I)
  • Journal of Environmental Education
  • Journal of Environmental Pollution (I)
  • Journal of Field Ornithology
  • Journal of Genetics (I)
  • Journal of Indian Botanical Society (I)
  • Journal of Indian Society of Remote Sensing (I)
  • Journal of Mammalogy
  • Journal of Marine Biological Association of India (I)
  • Journal of Raptor Research
  • Journal of South Asian Natural History
  • Journal of Tropical Ecology
  • Journal of Wildlife Management
  • Journal of Zoology
  • Living Bird
  • Mahasagar (I)
  • Mammal Review
  • Mammalia
  • Marine Fisheries Information Service (I)
  • Marine Science Constant Table
  • National Geographic
  • Nature
  • New Scientist
  • Newsletter for Bird Watchers (I)
  • Open Computing
  • Oriental Bird Club- Bulletin
  • Paryavaran Abstract (I)
  • PAVO (I)
  • PC Magazine (US)
  • PC Quest (I)
  • PC World
  • People and the Planet
  • Pollution Research (I)
  • Proceeding of the Zoological Survey of India (I)
  • Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy –Part – B (I)
  • Proceedings of the Zoological Society (I)
  • Renewable Resources Journal
  • Resonance (I)
  • Rheedea (I)
  • Sanctuary Asia (I)
  • Science and Culture (I)
  • Science (USA)
  • Scientific American
  • Science Reporter (I)
  • Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology
  • Smithsonian Contribution to Zoology
  • Species :Newsletter
  • Tiger Pager : Bulletin
  • TREE (Trends in Ecology and Evolution)
  • Tropical Ecology (I)
  • University News (I)
  • Unix World
  • Water Birds
  • Wetland
  • Wild Bird
  • Wilderness (I)
  • Wildlife Monographs
  • Wildlife Review
  • Wildlife Society Bulletin
  • Wilson Bulletin (Renamed as : Wilsoon Journal of Ornithology w.e.f.Vol.118,2006)


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